54th San Francisco International Film Festival 21 April - 5 May 2011


Scoop du Jour presents daily video coverage of the multifaceted happenings at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Scoop is supported by Esurance, a lontime fan and presenting sponsor of the Festival since 2008. Hosted by Erin Coker.


Friday, May 6
Golden Gate Awards, On Tour, Closing Night.


Thursday, May 5
Circumstance, Tabloid, Schools at the Festival


Wednesday, May 4
Kinyarwanda, Serge Bromberg, Something Ventured, projectionists at the Festival


Tuesday, May 3
Matthew Barney, The Selling, Terri


Monday, May 2
The Mill and the Cross, Sound of Noise, New People cinema


Sunday, May 1
The Good Life, Tilva Rosh, New Skin for the Old Ceremony


Saturday, April 30
Film Society Awards Night


Friday, April 29
Nostalgia for the Light, Zoe Saldana and Clifton Collins Jr.


Thursday, April 28
Autumn, The Green Wave, and the Academy-Award winning short God of Love


Wednesday, April 27
Christine Vahon, Miranda July, Hot Coffee and women filmmakers at SFIFF54


Tuesday, April 26
Crime After Crime, Magic Trip, Better This World


Monday, April 25
The City Below; Life, Above All; !Women Art Revolution


Sunday, April 24
Miss Representation, Microphone, tales from the Rush line


Saturday, April 23
Ewan McGregor & Mike Mills, Opening Night